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Delivery of campaign messages to users

WWF Hungary doesn’t need an introduction. The NGO has been working in our country for 30 years now to ensure that people and nature live in harmony with each other. But in order to be successful in their mission, they also need the help of individuals who can become regular supporters in the ongoing struggle to protect our planet.

Our client, WWF Hungary, approached us with the request to implement a campaign that would increase the number of regular donors and at the same time draw attention to the importance of individual actions. We knew that we had to build the campaign on a feeling that the majority could identify with. We started from the assumption that people escape into nature from the noise of the city, because they don’t feel the peace that they do there anywhere else. This is where the idea came from, what if we put the return to nature at the center of the campaign, showing that although we try to replace the living world with all kinds of things – we buy landscapes, artificial flowers, nothing can compete with nature.

We conveyed all of this with artistic photos in which paper animals appear in front of an “artificial” forest, which, although colorful and lively, is somehow not the real thing. With this, we wanted to draw attention to the fact that we should not let the future generation know the miracle we call nature only through pictures. The photos taken for the campaign also featured young people, WWF fundraisers and staff, who advertised the importance of nature conservation with their uniquely designed panda t-shirts. These were the brand-new WWF relics with Ecocert certification that all new supporters were entitled to during the campaign.