Logo and brand image


User interface design


Video production

Finacont Kft. provides high-quality economic and administrative outsourcing services to its partners. In addition to professional maximalism and precision, the company also prioritizes human factors along the process – this is one of the reasons why we like to work with them.

In 2022, the company created the system called FIONA, which stands for Finacont Online Administration. The purpose of this development is for Finacont to provide its customers with a transparent, organized and efficient solution using the latest possibilities of digital account management.

The biggest challenge during FIONA project was to ensure that the website reflects the professionalism of Finacont, while at the same time users who are less immersed in the subject immediately understand how this system will make their lives easier in the turbulent sea of ​​online invoicing.

We dreamed up all the elements of the logo, the design and the website, and we also created the text from the first letter to the last. The pleasant, clean visuals and the main message grab the users’ attention immediately, and then become clearer and clearer in the process.

To make life even easier for FIONA users, we made a tutorial video in which every step was thoroughly explained. Skyrocket Group is also responsible for the visuals, execution and, last but not least, the narration – we proudly undertake 🙂